Accra  at 5 months.  Accra is from a previous litter.  Accra's owner says "Hello Yoders!  I wanted to pass along some recent pictures of Accra.  She is doing great!  She is a very social dog and loves to go to the dog park.  Now that it has warmed up a bit we are headed their later today.  As you see in the pictures, she looks pretty happy... all the time.  A day doesn't go by where someone doesn't compliment me on how cute my dog is or want to know where I got her.  Thank- you so much!  I love her!


I wanted to provide a Testimonial to Dixiesdoodle Dogs.
Baloo is an offspring of Dixie and Napoleon.  He is 17 months old and weighs 97 lbs. Baloo is a very social dog enjoying people, children, other dogs and even our two  Guinea Pigs.
We adopted him at ten weeks of age, and throughout our lives together he has proven to be a very calm dog. Our family can think of no instances when he has behaved in an overly excited manner. Upon arriving home after a long day at work, he greets you at the door by bringing one of his toys in the hopes you will want to play.
His intelligent and calm nature made it easy to housebreak and complete basic dog obedience without any difficulty. In addition, he had to be taught not to let his natural prey instinct take over around our pet guinea pigs. This can be very challenging for a large, young, puppy when cavies naturally want to run and dart around in the backyard.
Baloo’s coat is soft, wavy and non- shedding.  It has proven to be all I have dreamed of in a dog!  It is essentially a non- issue for us. I don’t find hair in the house or the car.  His fur does however seem to attract other things such as grass clippings, leaves, pine needles, etc.  however, a simple brushing will quickly dislodge these items. (See enclosed pictures before and after a summer haircut)
He has very expressive eyebrows and stares right at you in a way you think he understands all that you say. He also loves to watch television, especially nature programs like Animal Planet. It is hilarious to see him react to charging grizzly bears and alligators.
Although very friendly, his deep bark and growl will make anyone think twice about coming onto our property uninvited. He is more vocal then any of our previous dogs, and it was easy to teach him to whisper, speak and sing (see enclosed video).
His only two drawbacks would be his long ears tend to get dirty and smelly requiring weekly cleaning and it took us a little time to figure out what type of dog food he was best suited to.
I never thought the day would come when I would actually consider owning two dogs at one time.  Baloo has made such a great dog for our family that we are seriously considering purchasing a sibling!
The Hockensmith's from California


Hello again!

We would just like to give you an update on Zoey, since she is the sweetest dog ever and we love her so much! 

Zoey's parents are Taffy and Napoleon.  Right now, she is over 7 months old and is 45-50 pounds, but we expect her to be 60-70 pounds when she is full grown.  Zoey is extremely social and wants to meet every single person and dog that she sees.  She loves attention and playing with kids.  Zoey has two best friends in the neighborhood who are also goldendoodles- Disney and Mugsley.  Mugsley is a two year old mini goldendoodle and they are exactly the same size.  They are perfect playmates.  Disney is a standard goldendoodle and is like a mother to Zoey.  She has known Zoey since the first day we brought Zoey home.  Almost every day, she has the opportunity to play with either of her best friends.

Zoey is such a sweet, cuddly companion, but can get a little crazy sometimes, just as puppies can be.  She is always squeaking one of her many toys.  

Being as smart as she is, she was housebroken pretty easily with a few accidents here and there.  We taught her some tricks such as sit, down, shake, roll over, come, stay, say please, and spin.  

She has experienced many new things since we first got her.  She is very used to riding in the car now, since she has a car ride almost every day.  We took her to a dog beach on Lake Michigan.  She enjoyed meeting other dogs, but was scared of the waves.  We bring her to all of the cross country meets that we attend, as well.  She has been on a boat and has gone swimming in an inland lake too.  We also have a land preserve with trails nearby and Zoey loves to explore any trail that she can find.  This winter, she also discovered snow for the first time, and was crazy about it! 

At first we were worried about Nick, who is allergic to dogs in our family, but he has no problems with Zoey, even though she sheds mildly (it is only noticeable on our black rug).  Her coat is thick on her body, but she still has some puppy fur on her head and legs.  You can tell where it is because most of her body is dark tan, and her head and legs are almost white! Its too cute!

Zoey has become such a cuddler and is better than we ever thought any dog could be. She is an amazing dog and we adore her! Getting her was one of the best decisions we ever made and we love the new addition to our family.

The VanderHoffs

Hello Yoders!  Just wanted to drop you a little update on how Reuben has adjusted to being a Farney!  He's been such a wonderful, funny addition to our family!  In the short time we've had him, it feels he's been with us forever!  The boys, especially Jacob, has taken on the responsibility of being a dog owner like a champ!  Feeding/watering, cleaning up yard messes etc. mainly come from them.  The newness has not worn off, they are still proud and excited to have Reuben.  Probably his most favorite thing is "meal time"!  He most definitely has a hearty appetite!  He loves to play in the snow, play fetch, and he would really like to be best friends with our outside cats, however, the cats are not interested in being his friend at all!  He's growing so much!  We get lots of entertainment watching this puppy with a large body figure out what to do with himself!  He went from 18 lbs at his first vet apt on Dec 27th, to 24 lbs only 3 weeks later...he really is a growing boy!  Anyway, just wanted to give you an update and to say thank you again for blessing us with this furry little guy!  Hope you had a great Holiday!


Sue Farney 


Hello! Just wanted to give you an update on Holly from the 10/6/13 litter. Holly recently graduated from puppy training at Petsmart and has started the next level of training. On her 6 month birthday, she weighed a little over 40 pounds. Holly has a great personality & temperament and loves meeting people and other dogs!! We absolutely love her to death, thank you so much!! 

Kind regards,

Katie & James








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