Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Goldendoodle?   A Goldendoodle is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.  Either parent  can be of either breed as long as both breeds are represented. 

Do you ship your puppies?  We  ship anywhere in the USA for an additional cost.  This includes the cost of a health certificate to travel (standard requirement for the airlines), a puppy kennel, and the cost of the flight.  Shipping costs start at $300.00.

What veterinary work will my puppy have received?  Along with a health check from our vet, they will also be up to date with their shots and wormer.

How big will my puppy grow up to be?  Generally if you take the average weight of both the parents, that will be the approximate size of your adult Goldendoodle or Golden Retriever.  

Will my puppy shed? (F1) Goldendoodles are minimal to low shedding.  F1b's are considered non-shedding.

Do you accept PayPal?  Yes we do. 

What comes with your puppy?  Vet papers, shot records,  papers for registration and a general health guarantee.

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